Meet the Parents

One of my favorite not so PG movie series is “Meet the Parents.” Although a little inappropriate, these movies are filled with some harsh realities. Greg, played by Ben Stiller, spends most of his time trying to get into the family and making sure he stays a part of the inner circle of trust.

When I think about this movie and the inner circle of trust, I’m reminded of the relationship Jesus had with His closest three. I wonder if the other disciples ever felt jealous or envious? Here is the Messiah, the living God, who loves all, but still has an inner circle. What did they talk about that the other disciples didn’t know about? What plans were made? The Good news for you and I is when Jesus died,  was buried, rose again and sent  His spirit to those who surrendered their lives to Him, we became a part of Jesus’ is inner circle.

We now learn the plan. We now learn what He cares about the most. We now learn what is expected of us. There is no question of whether you are in or out. The circle with Jesus is very exclusive but also inclusive for those who except His love and surrender to His Lordship.

I’d like to focus in on the exclusive part of our relationship with Jesus Christ. When you surrender your life to Jesus Christ, you become a part of is exclusive inner circle. Being a part of Jesus’ circle means being in tuned to how he feels about things. The question for Ben Stiller was whether or not he was in or out based on his behavior. When you surrender your life to Jesus, you are in. Therefore, the question we must ask ourselves is how do we learn and support the things that Jesus cares about the most?
Take a minute and read Matthew 5:3-11 to learn more about who He cares about.  Remember you’re already in, so learn His heart for those others that aren’t in yet.
For fun: Watch this clip for the inner circle of trust:

See you Sunday,