Vulnerability in the Digital Age


I’m excited to start our new series UNSTOPPABLE on worship.  One of the things we will be discussing is the best situations to be vulnerable in. Many of us struggle with not being vulnerable enough or with being a 24/7 vulnerable shop, open for business. Both of these scenarios lead to pain, if not addressed. There is a right way to vulnerability.

A popular avenue of vulnerability over the past five years has been social media. Even people who struggle with vulnerability often don’t have a problem sharing a struggle, emotion or issue they have with themselves or others.  Social media, although a great way to connect, isn’t a good avenue for vulnerability. 

God intended us to lean on one another when our faith is weak, when our burden is too big to carry. Vulnerability is best used, not as a sounding board, but as a reciprocal relationship.  Vulnerability is best found, biblically, when there are two or more people in a room together to listen, love and offer a better perspective. Make sure that perspective is Christ-like.

Below is a blog I read on the dangers of social media as an avenue of vulnerability. Remember there is true love, healing and growth when vulnerability is done the right way. Check it out.

See you Sunday,

Mike Winakur