Worship Defined


Worship defined.

We have been in a series on worship called Unstoppable. In Romans 12:1-2 Paul encourages us that worship must be our response to all that God has done and who He is. 

Worship, ultimately, is ascribing worth or value to someone or something in a way that changes the direction of your life. 

Paul is begging is that we don’t waste the Creator's design for us, and, most certainly, we don’t waste the redemption He has done for us through Jesus Christ.

Take a moment and take inventory on the direction your life is headed. It will surely identify the placement of your worship. 

What do you spend your time, treasures and resources on?

This isn’t a blog intended to guilt or shame anyone. Like Paul says in Romans 12:1, he urges you and I to do what we were designed for, that is to offer our lives to ascribe value to Jesus and the things He values.

Today take some time and change the direction of your life by taking three simples steps:

  1. 10 minutes before bed each night meditate on and read about all He has done for you as His beloved. Romans 8 is a good place to start.
  2. Identify the things that don’t deserve your value. Invite someone in to this conversation that knows you. Ask them what do you think I value the most.
  3. Make a plan to go to church for 6 months in a row to get your worship right. Dedicate 10 minutes a day to repeating step one. 

See you Sunday,