On Reaching Higher

“It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God.” - 2 Corinthians 3:5

Have you ever been assigned a task for which you did not feel qualified? Has something been placed before you that seemed bigger than what you can handle? Has someone asked something of you that made you uncertain of your ability? Me too.

In fact, just last week it happened in a big way. I was ordained. If you are not familiar, this ceremony is a dedication to ministry and a consecration of my life to the Lord. This seems like a rite of passage that is good and fine for the “qualified” pastors, but I probably just fooled someone into believing that I could do it. In fact, the closer the ceremony got, the more I wondered if I was up to the task.

This happens, doesn’t it? As we overthink the things in front of us, we begin to doubt our ability to carry them out. We start to convince ourselves that no matter how we got here, no matter who affirmed that we are the right one for the job, no matter what we have going for us, surely, this time we will fail.

Dare I say, this happens most when we stop focusing on God and start focusing on ourselves. It is a self-centered perspective that causes me to doubt where God has called me. It’s natural to question our abilities, but when we question our calling, we are doubting God’s abilities. With each experience, God is positioning us and preparing us for what He is going to do in and through us. He has readied you specifically for the task he is placing in front of you. And the beauty of the whole thing is that you do not have the qualifications for it on your own. In Christ though, you are more qualified than you could ever be on your own.

Ordination is giving me the chance to reach higher than what I thought was possible. I look at where Christ is calling me, and see that my qualifications come from Him. This beautiful freedom allows me to do things I did not know I could. Instead of worrying about becoming qualified for what God has called me, I begin to live as if I am already qualified. When I focus on what is ahead, the insecurity, fear and uncertainty fade away. Soon my life begins to reflect a power outside of my own strength.

Think of a place in your life where the task seems insurmountable. As you consider this, identify how you are qualified for the job. Was God anywhere on that list or are you trying to do it alone? Spend some time today asking the Lord to help you believe that He has equipped you. Now go and live as if you are already qualified.