I Choose

Next month we start a series centered around our choices. Our choices either lead to a better life or not. There are many things for us to sift through each day when it comes to choices.  If we focus on a few big parameters for our choices we will get better every single time. There is no doubt. How many of us would pass up the opportunity to get better with each choice? As we lead up to our new series here are some big questions for you to look at when it comes to your choices:

Purpose - Do you have purpose to guide your choices?

Surrender - Who do you allow to guide your choices in every moment?

Discipline - What habits do you have in place that help form your choices each day?

Importance - What plans do you have in place that guide your choices to be more active and less reactive?

These are some great, but sobering questions. Don’t allow these questions to stress you out, beat you up or define who you are. They are meant to help. For the Apostle John his help was found in his choices glorifying Jesus and not himself, “He must become greater, I must become less.”(John 3:30) What guides your daily choices?

I Choose,