Meet Jasmijn


We hope you have met her already, but we want to take a minute on here to introduce our new Worship Director, Jasmijn White. Her faith and leadership have been an inspiration to our staff and our people in just two short months. 

I'm Jasmijn White, Worship Director at Cross Culture Church. At the time of writing, I'm 7 weeks in, and it's already been an amazing adventure. I love music. It's my favorite form of worship, and I'm excited to lead others in worshipping God here at Cross Culture.

I also love reading, sometimes writing, working with youth and finding new places to eat good food.

I'm another Denver transplant, from outside of Dallas, Texas, by way of Syracuse, N.Y. and Philadelphia, Pa. At Syracuse University, I learned to lead worship. And through CRU Summer Missions, I fell in love with Denver. I think I knew I'd be back here some day. It took a few years, and a couple more cities, but here I am!

I've found my passions in a lot of places. I love my big family. I survived being the only girl and the middle child of five. I have a heart for the underserved and underrepresented, particularly marginalized youth, who I find everywhere I go. I love a good story, which is why I'm hooked on serial TV. And I like playing a supporting role in people's success. It's my favorite part of leading teams and why I'm going to be a counselor one day.

I am a huge proponent of worship through music. I think I'm one of those cliches who can say that music saved my life. Not in any particular way, just that in periods of life when I cannot pinpoint another motivator, God gave me music. When I was disconnected from everything in high school, I was still invested in choir. When I struggled to express myself in college, I discovered I can write a good song. Music has been a connector for me, to God and others.

God used music as a tool to help me step outside of myself. He's used it to build me up and set me free. In worship leading, I get the space to help others find that freedom. That's why music is my favorite form of worship.

If you're reading this, I would love to share more of my story with you. I'd love to jam with you, sing with you, or go find some good food with you. More than ever, I understand the importance of community as a part of personal growth. So, I'm looking forward to joining the Cross Culture community and welcoming others into it as well. 

If you think worship might be your place to serve, let's talk - whether it's singing, playing an instrument, stage design, running the soundboard, or running lyrics slides - I'd love to find you a space to belong. I'm excited for the future of worship at Cross Culture, and I'm blessed to be a part of it, in spirit and in truth.