Pics With Santa


One of my favorite times of year is Christmas and pics with Santa can be the most hilarious part of this season. Pictured in this blog are my boys and nephew. They look miserable. One of them is terrified of Santa, the other wants another candy cane and the other is hoping that Santa (if he is real) will give him the cell phone his dad won’t get him. Truth is, I wouldn’t trade these memories for anything.  Christmas brings a ton of joy and happiness to children and adults. My hope this Christmas is that I will create so many wonderful memories. Memories are so much better than things. Jesus talks about the importance of seeking Him above anything in Matthew 6:33. Things will come and go but time with Jesus and others is more precious than gold.  Do me a favor, and comment with a funny or memorable Christmas story. I’d like to use it for an upcoming sermon illustration. Of course you will be anonymous .

I am also so excited to announce that we are putting on an amazing outreach for Christmas. In addition Christmas Eve Service on the 24th at 4:00pm, we are going all out with a Christmas Village in the community on December 16th from 3pm-6pm. This is going to be a blast. Pics with Santa, cookie decorating, crafts, bounce houses, caroling and more. We will be sending out 16,664 mailers, putting up posters, invite cards, painting our car windows, blasting social media and using the url  I cannot wait for the memories that will be created. We are desperate for your help. If you can volunteer to help in any of the areas mentioned above or you have an idea for something else fun email me at

Merry…. Too soon?

See you Sunday,