All Shook Up

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Last night as I was picking up someone from the airport and an oldie-but-goodie came on, “All Shook Up.” “All Shook up,” is classic Elvis. He talks about the chills, thrills and butterflies associated with his new love. I am a romantic in training and believe that the same feelings I felt for my wife the first time we held hands can be the same feelings I have the next time we hold hands. This idea of a renewal of love, feelings and excitement applies to many areas of our lives. I love when the apostle John says, “God is love.” Ultimately he is saying every time we experience God, we experience love. Isn't that beautiful?  The only obstacle we face is missing what we are experiencing.

With my wife, remembering that she committed her life to me, puts up with me, mothers my children and chooses to love me is an amazing thing.  Gives me chills just think about. Remembering what she has committed to makes time together with her that much more special.

God created us, committing to do life with us. God redeemed, committing to chase after us even when we aren’t responsive. God loves us, committing to us that no matter what anyone else says we have value. Take a minute and think about what experiences involve God. A few that come to mind:

  1. Waking up and spending time in His word.
  2. Seeing my wife
  3. Seeing my children
  4. Having shelter
  5. Calling that friend

The list goes on forever. The next time you experience God remember what he has committed to. This week I pray that anyone who reads this blog will experience God in a way like never before. Even better than the first time. I pray that He gives you a feeling of a fresh start and newness. God is love.

Come see us Sunday.