True Fellowship [Guest]


Ondray Reed is a father, husband and member of our CCC Family. He has a big heart for Jesus and seeing community being built through the church. After coming to Cross Culture over a year ago with his wife and children, he became our Life Groups Director this summer. 

In the book of Acts we read that one of the four things the early church devoted itself to was fellowship. Fellowship was a very important part of their reason for meeting together.  The passage of scripture I am reminded of is Acts 2:42-44 (NIV).  In verse 42 it says, "they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." 

But what is fellowship

Merriam’s Webster’s dictionary defines fellowship as a community of interest, activity, feeling or experience and meaningful communication.  We often hear people talking about fellowship. We hear it said that we need more of this. But our modern ideas have become so watered down that the word no longer carries the same meaning it did in New Testament times.  The early church took fellowship to a another level.  The real question becomes why can’t we be like church in the book of Acts?  Here is a simple answer... many of us are afraid to be transparent.  The moment we let our guard down, we feel exposed. What miss though, is that through transparency comes the deep, meaningful fellowship we are searching for. 

In my previous experiences of church fellowship, I thought coming together was great, but it lacked substance and still felt empty.  However that all changed when I joined a church that was truly multi-cultural and joined a Life Group there. One of the objectives of Life Groups at Cross Culture Church is about bringing those with differences, from all backgrounds and races, together to fellowship and connect with one another. Along the way, sharing life experiences with an emphasis on the Gospel Jesus Christ.  Fellowship can be found in the church today and Life Groups at CCC are a great place to begin. 



For more information about Life Groups or to see how you can join one, email Ondray