Lead to GROW

Lead to GROW

by Michael Winakur

Last week we looked at Leading INSIDE first. We talked about how David’s first response in leadership was to strengthen himself in the Lord. True leadership flows out of self leadership with Jesus.

As we kick off the blog this month focusing on leadership, today we look at leading to grow. Whether you know it or not, you lead in some capacity. Maybe it is your children, a peer or someone at work. In my leadership experience as a dad, pastor and in the corporate world, I see that there are managers, dictators and leaders. Many people call themselves leaders, but ultimately, they are either managers or dictators. I know this because I called myself a leader for many years, but realized recently I was not leading like I should. My “leadership” would change based on urgency, stress level or responsibility. I either managed tasks and people or dictated what they did. I mistakenly said I was developing people when I was merely teaching tasks, giving responsibility and managing checklists. People can grow in spite of poor leadership, but growth potential is endless when a leader focuses on development.

Why don’t people lead others to GROW?

To grow we must admit our weaknesses. Working at a gym I see a lot of people after their workouts. It amazes me that people smile after breaking down their body and stretching it to the limits to grow. They smile because of the results they will see from focusing on their weaknesses and making them better. The reason that we are not all smiling is because we lose sight of the results when we focus on the weakness. The key to growth is focusing on the result while addressing the weakness.

Here are 4 questions to ask in leading to GROW:

  1. Where do people need to GROW?
  2. Do they know?
  3. How can you help them get there?
  4. How will you measure if they do?

When someone signs up to serve with you or takes a job you oversee you already accepted the role of leader in their life. Whether you lead to GROW is up to you. Take some time to answer the questions mentioned above with the people you lead. If you are honest with them and they are honest with themselves the results will be GROWTH. Lead to GROW this week.

In Him,