Ideas into Action

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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” - Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder

This is a great quote from a man that has changed the world in ways most of us could never dream.  Anytime I hear the word innovation, I assume that it involves doing something that no one has ever done.  Although this could be true, innovation is more than originality, innovation is transformation. Innovation in its true definition is transforming something to make it better or different.

If we take a minute and realize that innovation isn’t just about original ideas, it’s actually taking an idea and putting it in to action to bring transformation then we experience innovation’s true potential.

An innovative man who changed his world, the Apostle John , discusses innovation in 1 John 2. John encourages his church that the idea of loving God and loving others isn’t innovative or new. It’s an old idea, however when we display or put into action loving God and others, that idea becomes new or innovative to others. When a neighbor, friend, family member, enemy or complete stranger experiences a love that is never ending, it transforms them.  Love becomes innovative when it is lived out.  I think of a child who has been past around from home to home meeting a stable, secure and loving home. It would be something so new and amazing it couldn’t help but change them over time. 

When it comes to the love of God and others are you making it new everyday by displaying it?

As you head towards the weekend, start bringing transformation to the world by meditating on God's love for you through Jesus. It’s a love that is real and has no bounds. It’s a love that makes a foster child find a home forever. It’s a love that says, "you can be new and better by surrendering to Jesus and allowing his love and ways to change your ways and the ways of to others." It’s a love that’s says, "my love for you will lead you into a new you that is so much better.”

Where I disagree with Steve Jobs (am I allowed to do that?), is that, in order to lead in innovation, we must follow the true innovator of life, Jesus Christ.

Join me as I strive to stop talking about the love of Jesus as an old commandment, but transform the world by putting it into action. True love is always innovative. 

See you Sunday,