Men at Cross Culture

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This week on the blog we have our Men's Ministry Director, Wayne Sand, sharing some vision before the men's group launches this weekend. Wayne is not only a leader of men, but also a fierce prayer warrior and a tech-wizard extraordinaire. On a Sunday morning, you'll find him running sound for us or causing good-natured mischief with Pastor Michael. 

At the heart of Cross Culture, it is our desire to be great neighbors who display and declare the good news of Jesus Christ.  This is a mission we want to carry out, not only within the church, but also out in the community.  Our vision as the Men’s Ministry, is not to keep our focus inward, but to set it outward.

We dedicate our time to building up the men of Cross Culture Church, by focusing on God’s direction for each one of them, through various activities in the church, in the community, and beyond. We also encourage men to intentionally live life together, and sharpen each other, on a regular basis.

The Men’s Ministry partners with men in Green Valley Ranch, to identify needs in the community and move as God leads.  To do this effectively, we must humble ourselves to whatever He calls us to do.  If there is a need, we want to fill it.  From something as small as catching your dog that escaped from the yard, to helping you find a safe place to stay.  If your yard needs to be mowed, we want to serve you.  If you need a mentor, we want to encourage you.  If trash needs to be picked up, we want to take care of it.  If you’re moving, we want to help.  This is community.

If you would like to be a part of God’s movement in Green Valley Ranch, contact me at and I’ll get you plugged into the activities happening within Cross Culture’s Men’s Ministry.

If you would like to plug in right away, join us Saturday, March 24th at 9am, at the Regis Groff Campus, for a Men’s Breakfast.  RSVP to

God Bless,

Wayne Sand