Happy New Year!

Happy New Year or as my dad always says Merry Fitness and a Happy New Rear. It really does get old. Haha.

As we enter the New Year most see the New Year as an opportunity to get better or accomplish goals.  I’d like to share a goal or vision God gave me for Cross Culture Church.

It starts with you. It starts with you going deeper in your understanding of the love of Jesus.  Going deeper in the love of Jesus only requires two things.

1. Believing the unbelievable.

A friend of mine believed, and it led to something unbelievable. She was at home one day while her 3 boys and husband were gone. She lived in an affluent neighborhood that didn’t have many disturbances.  While home that day, a man broken into her house and held a knife at her throat. Who knows what he intended to do that day, but in the midst of being in great danger, my friend started shouting the name and love of Jesus.  The man seemed to get angrier. She didn’t stop. Then all of sudden the man dropped the knife and wanted to hear more about the love of Jesus. My friend suggested talking outside on the front porch. It was on that porch that the unbelievable happened. This man, intending to do something terrible from the start, ended up surrendering his life to Jesus. From there, he turned himself in and when he got out he and my friend wrote a book.  Pretty amazing. This is a true story. 

The next thing that is required in going deeper in the understanding of Jesus’ love is to...

2. Be willing to do the unbelievable.

What in your life, relationships or circumstances, would be unbelievable if it changed because of the love of Jesus? It could be something simple like meeting the need of a neighbor. It could be something as audacious as asking to pray for someone right then and there in an uncomfortable setting.  It could be shocking to those who know you when you give up your time to serve others at church or in your community for Jesus.

His love is unbelievable and yet at the same time real. There is no act or circumstances that can limit his love.

As you enter the new year believe and do the unbelievable. It will take you closer to the greatest love ever.  You need it and so does the world around you.

See you Sunday as we start our new series “My Story.”