I Decided to Go


Let's welcome back, Mindi Winakur, as today's guest blogger. Mindi is mother to Mason, Marek and Monet and wife to Micheal. She is wildly creative, deeply loving and our newly-minted Women's Ministry Director. 

We are in a blog series on making decisions to tell a better story. I am concluding the series with “I decided to go”. This resonates with me deeply as I am embarking on the journey of launching our Women’s Ministry.

My heart for this ministry is that we can create a safe place for women to connect with one another and ultimately connect with Jesus. Women are 70% more likely to attend a church if they learn the names of three other women who attend that church. Connection is key.

We do this by being great neighbors, and showing the women in our community Christ’s love. We will accomplish this mission by being united as an army of God’s women, all ages, cultures and walks of life. We will be invested in growing, serving and using our gifts to grow the Kingdom of God. We will live beyond Sunday through inviting friends, neighbors and acquaintances to these women’s outreach events as an entry point to Jesus.

I can’t wait for the women in our community to meet the wonderful women in our church. I know they will see Jesus in you. There are so many women in our community that are lost and searching for connection. I know, that through providing a warm welcoming environment, we can make a lasting impression. Let’s open up our hearts and hear their stories because we all know God has some big plans to transform all of our stories.

So ladies, will you join me and “go”? Will you join me by inviting that one friend that is scared to come to church? Will you bring your neighbor that is walking through some challenging times? Will you listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit and invite that person that is on your heart?

So excited to do this with my fellow sisters in Christ!

In His Love,