Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells. Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way. For the Christmas Season we are going to be writing our blogs around Christmas carols.  What is your favorite one? I love jingle bells. Anything that has to do with sounds, smells and experiences leads to memories. I remember, about 20 years ago, I was driving home during the holidays, and I heard Jingle Bells. At the same time the song came on, I was stopped at a light and a homeless man came up to my window. He knocked on my window, which scared me to death, and said, “Hey you, got any change?” I was a poor high school student and only had one candy cane I got from the break room at work and a piece of gum. Not knowing what to say, I said, “Want a Candy Cane?” The homeless man’s eyes lit up and with great excitement he said, “YES SIR!” I'll never forget that experience.

What do you put value in? Even for a homeless man, a candy can brought just as much or even more excitement then money. This holiday season you have a chance to value the right things. I am so guilty of putting value in things that God doesn’t value. Don’t let this be a holiday that misses out on memories and laughter.

In Matthew 6:19-20 Jesus talks about storing up treasures in heaven. This represents investing in  eternal things. What are things in your life that could last forever because of Jesus? Relationships? Memories? Love? Service? The list goes on forever. At Cross Culture this Christmas season we are using our resources to provide things that last. We are offering a free Christmas for families in need. We are putting a fun event in our Christmas Village. Join us as we pursue this amazing endeavor. For prayer requests always contact Michael@crosscutluredenver.org

See you Sunday,