John (Jaytee) Tanguma

Connections/Family Pastor - Cross Culture Church

My journey with God and His people started at 8 years old when I sat in a small pew at the local church just around the corner from where I grew up. One morning God spoke to me. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was the start of many years of fellowship and the journey to make a difference. Jesus has been so great to me all my life and although I have taken side roads, God in His faithfulness have shaped me into who I am today. Like most people great things have happened in my life and not so great things have hurt my soul but God and His people never have left my side.

In 1996 while residing in Texas, God put my wife and I in a great church where the question was asked of me…”have you ever thought about being a pastor”? Although I hadn’t, God had a plan and He has continually used His people to show me the life that was planned for me. I accepted that call. I thank God for all of his people that have been with me to comfort me and love me through my purpose and life’s pains. I lost my Father in 2001, it crushed me. He was my best friend, the greatest man I’ve ever known and graced me by him being my best man at my wedding. R.I.P. Dad.  

After years of successful ministry, my beautiful wife Andria and I moved back home to Colorado where once again in his grace and wisdom, God led us to a church that would soon become our home. A multi ethnic community church called Cross Culture Church. At the time we started helping at Cross Culture, it was a start up and needed things like a drummer to play on certain weekends, so I filled the bill. I was impressed with the senior pastor because he actually remembered  me and my name the week after meeting him. Andria began to sing with the praise team. I can honestly say we went to CCC to help with worship but stayed because we felt needed, appreciated, not to mention the people were welcoming and real. It felt like home. God has orchestrated another change in my life because it was his intentions for us to be used at this growing church. After serving and worshiping, I was invited to be the connections and family pastor through helping people find salvation, strength and purpose for their life in Jesus Christ.

CCC is nestled right in the heart of Green Valley Ranch. Every City has it’s pains and CCC is putting our biggest foot forward to make a difference. There are 500K people in a 10 mile radius of GVR. Unfortunately 90% don’t know Jesus or attend church. My heart is broken for this community. 38% of the population are single parents. Young boys and girls are living in a household that does not have a father figure. It’s my heart to help them know the original Father. I have personally seen some of the pains and issues that affect this community.   Through being the connections and family pastor I am going to help generations find purpose in God. My role will be to connect people to Jesus Christ and how to connect within CCC. I have instituted four classes that CCC holds monthly that are targeted to give people the understanding of God’s love, how to embrace it and learn more, find out the gifts and talents that God has blessed them with and how to share the good news of Jesus with others.

CCC is only 3 years old and still in it’s infancy. There are positions that needs to be filled to continue to grow as a church to reach God’s people. The church right now does not have the resources to financially support my work. We are a church of great neighbors that display and declare the good news of Jesus Christ. It’s our vision to be the image of heaven here on earth as every nation and tongue. I ask that you would partner with me to answer the call God has given me to be a part of a mission that is dedicated to helping this community be better, stronger and God centered.

There are two ways:

Pray that God would use myself and CCC to do great things in His Kingdom. Pray that God would provide for my family and I the means so I can be fully invested as the connections and family pastor.  

Give a 1 time donation or a continued monthly commitment to help me raise a total of $50,000 by May 1st.

3 ways to give:

  • Go to greatneighbors.net/give , select online giving and select my name in the drop down menu to give.

  • Mail checks with my name in the memo line to:

18601 Green Valley Ranch Blvd.

Suite 108, Box 243

Denver, CO 80249

  • Drop your donations in the offering box on sunday with my name in the memo line or on the envelope.

Thank you so much for partnering up with me on this journey.